Box Developer Training program

Set yourself on the path to success for your next Box Platform project while expanding your development skills by joining us at the Box Developer Training program for BoxWorks 2019. Box experts will join you in a one-day workshop covering authentication types, common scaling challenges, token management, and architectural considerations when building on Box. 

Build a powerful skill set

The program has focused the 2019 agenda on deep dives into modern web application development for working with APIs, such as Box's, in order to bring the most value to your career and your team. For $100, you'll experience a full-day of training on October 2nd, plus complimentary entry into BoxWorks for additional learning and networking opportunities. 

The Box Developer Training program will cover:

  • Best practices for addressing common scaling challenges, error logic, and more
  • Application architecture in the context of Box folders and user models
  • How to work with three-legged OAuth 2, JWT, and token management
  • Basics of connecting to popular third-party platforms, such as SalesForce and Okta
Developer training program