BoxWorks is about empowering IT leaders to take control of their technology destiny. Businesses in every industry are under incredible pressure to empower all-new ways of working, while ensuring that critical information is protected. At BoxWorks, hear from leading CIOs and technology visionaries about how to harness the potential of cloud and mobile computing to produce more productive workforces and lasting competitive advantage. Network with your peers and get into the “nuts and bolts” of the Box content collaboration platform. Join us at BoxWorks this September to shape how tomorrow works.

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  • Box is a proud sponsor of Oktane, the annual user conference hosted by our friends at Okta. Oktane brings together 2000+ IT thought leaders to explore the crucial role that identity plays in connecting people and technology.

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  • Survey Says: Innovation Happens at BoxWorks

    The results speak for themselves: 93% of BoxWorks attendees found tools that increase worker efficiency, while 96% of attendees learned about a new tool or technology that directly benefited their company. And that's not all ... there's more benefits to be found at BoxWorks!

    See What's Waiting for You at BoxWorks

  • Attending BoxWorks keeps our team up-to-date on new features so we’re always using Box to the fullest. Box is the only service we’ve rolled out that employees are literally telling me they love. At Birkenstock, we love Box!

    – Aaron Herskowitz, IT Director, Birkenstock USA
  • BoxWorks is THE event that shows how to maximize the awesome power of Box with insight from industry leaders and customers.

    - Doug Mackay, Business Innovation Director, JFive
  • BoxWorks was fantastic! It gave me incredible insight in the up and coming wonderfulness at Box, while able to connect with other Box users and the amazing Boxers!

    - Andrew Wilson, Enterprise Content Management Admin, Biblica
  • BoxWorks 2014 provided [the] most practical information this year. Looking forward to the upgrades especially metadata and automations.

    – BoxWorks Attendee
  • I was able to collaborate with other professionals to hear how they leverage Box, meet Boxers face-to-face, and fawn over Jared Leto!

    - Lara Knight, Lennar
  • Content was applicable to everyone. There were breakout sessions that was geared toward all levels and even gave end users an opportunity to learn new things.

    – BoxWorks Attendee
  • In world of vendor fairs masquerading as conferences, BoxWorks stands uniquely as an event where you can learn from leaders in technology, product and innovation while surrounded by people who are building incredible companies across the globe.
    Every year BoxWorks speaks to the themes of the challenges and opportunities facing high growth companies and delivers tangible ideas that will inform your company's technology roadmap for years into the future.
    BoxWorks is a rare opportunity to be surrounded by the people, businesses and products that are building the future.

    – Josh Lipton, CIO, Sparefoot


Arriving at BoxWorks: 

BoxWorks 2016 will be held in San Francisco's Moscone Center West.