Graeme Hefner
Graeme Hefner
Director, Corporate Applications
Graeme Hefner is the Director of Corporate Applications for Ascensus, LLC. Ascensus is the largest independent recordkeeping services partner, third-party administrator, government, and health savings facilitator in the United States. Ascensus believes everyone deserves to feel financially secure, and partners with financial institutions, governments, and employers to offer tax-advantaged savings plans to get them there. Graeme started working in IT leadership in the retirement industry in 2008, when he joined Swerdlin & Company prior to its acquisition by Ascensus. Before switching to a career in technology, Graeme was working on his doctorate in early modern European history. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons, running outside in the Atlanta heat, and volunteering as an independent poll observer for local and national elections.

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